In 2017 I participated in the
12 Short Stories in 12 Months challenge run by
Writers Write. I am currently creating Illustrations for each story and will be
releasing them gradually throughout

The List Square

The List
Thell arched her wings too late. The slight updraft that should have slowed her fall didn’t come. Her feet
smacked into the
rough brick and she flung forward. She threw her hands out, pumped her wings furiously, and grappled with her
for solid purchase.

A New Life

A New Life
Lucy lived her life on gut feel and a creative budget. She was no stranger to unusual rental arrangements, old
and dirt, but this? This was a new low. She ran a finger against the wall, pushing grime aside to reveal a
trace of the faded wallpaper below. It might have been roses once, Lucy wasn’t sure.

Park Date

Park Date
Donna curled her fingers over the handle bar and pushed, her knuckles white against wrinkled skin. She heaved
with all the
strength her eighty-three-year-old body could muster. The shopping trolley groaned, but it remained rooted to
sidewalk.“Oh bugger that!”


Buhle dipped her oar into the Lagoon. Ripples spread out across the surface, distorting the once prosperous
city that lay
beneath the water. It had been called Cape Town, but that was before the ocean invaded the land, before the
went mad and before humankind changed…


Dust lay thick on the furniture. Spots of sun leaked through the worn curtains. Somewhere, a rodent skittered
away on clawed
feet. Kayla stood in the middle of the living room and sighed. She wasn’t sure why she had come. She had given
many years to this place, to the waiting.


Chantal pushed up from the padded gym floor and sucked deeply against her mouth guard. She ran her tongue
against the front of it. The plastic device was smooth, but bulky. It pushed on her upper lip and forced it
into a pout. No you can’t pout with your top lip. This was an overbite.

The Dress

The Dress
The dress was torture. Lace dug into flesh. Satin coiled, a slow compression from waist to throat. Below,
swaths of pallid pink crested atop roiling waves. Raega was drowning. She tried to remain steady, eyes fixed on
the mirrored wall before her, but she was drowning and today she could not hide it.


Mushroom Clouds
The hive was beautiful. A drop of sunlight twisting in lazy loops. It all but glowed with promise and Harry
licked his lips in anticipation. He squinted up at the hive and his brain began to whorl. The hive was a good
six meters from the ground, but that was hardly the problem. The real problem, the thing that gave Harry pause,
was the Gigantus Fungalus.


Haimler cut. Threads of pink descended silently from the scissors blade. They came to a gentle rest atop the
polished work surface and Haimler lost himself in their simplicity. Small strings twined together, a basic
material for a most intricate task.


Burn Victim
The cloud was thick and acrid. It coursed into the kitchen intent on assault. Jessica stumbled back. An oven
mitt (rust brown with bruises from past battles) fell to the floor. Jessica swore and then she hacked, her
words getting caught on the soot and the quickly thinning air.


Nyah jostled against the other women. Bodies in various stage of undress pressed in on all sides. The locker room was silent of talk. Women shed the green overalls of their employ and replaced them with the dull tones of Labour Caste.