Masks and Witches

This week has been spent trying to figure out masking in Photoshop! The assignment? Make a weird creature with masking?

How am I doing?


eh… not there yet.


Here’s my first exploratory guy:


Mask Monster1


And here’s me trying to get him into a nice composition and all painted up. Yeah, he needs work. Lots of it. Urk.

Mask Monster Final


But that’s how it goes with new techniques. Eventually my brain will catch on and figure out what to do. For now, I shall embrace the pain.


In other news, I’m planning a Hogwarts Alumni self portrait to practice my new found photoshop techniques. I ordered a robe off of ebay. A ROBE! and I’m crafting a witch hat from paper mache. Reference, reference reference!

More updates on that when it actually starts to look like something. 😛





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